As Colmeias da Joana is a certified organic beekeeping business that promotes sustainable, natural and regenerative beekeeping practices through beekeeping classes, apiary management, beehive tours and live removal of bee colonies and swarms! 
Joana Botto is a beekeeper and her passion for bees began when she was seven when her grandfather took her for the first time to an apiary. Joana is a fourth-generation beekeeper and the founder of As Colmeias da Joana in her home town of Lisbon in Portugal.


Zoom live with us to meet our bees! See inside our hives and hear our amazing bee stories and insights. You’ll watch our bees building their honeycombs and making their honey, as well as learn how to encourage bees into your garden. We host groups of up to ten people and can also host private family and friend groups exclusively.


Let's rescue the bees together! 

We use your donation to rescue bees from other people's homes then relocate

 and rehabilitate them at one of our four apiaries in Lisbon, Portugal. 



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